Hi all,

Working on a new db, I'm fairly new to this...took some classes about 10 years ago, so I'm a bit rusty.

I have a db to keep track of oil wells. I set up a table called WellData with a field called Well Name, Lease Name(a drop down box that queries its data from another table with the data) and Checmical Name(a check box that queries its data from another table). The pk is autonumber, because each well has a unique WellID, but two leases may have a well with the same ID.

What I need to do is start keeping track of the well failures, a well fails when it has to be shut down and pulled because of a hole in the tubing or rod parts etc.., it needs to keep track of the date of the pull, why it pulled.

Eventually, I'm going to set up a monthly report with all the wells that were pulled for that month. But I would like to also set up graphs that would show failures for the year and all that.

But right now I'd very much appreciate help with keep track of the failures. What would be the best way to do this? Set up a table that holds the different types of failures and another table that pulls the proper data from each table?

Also, if I can query the data from one table to be selected in another...what is the proper need for a foreign key?

Thank you.