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    Unanswered: Where to obtain Dbase III


    a client of mine has an old Works 4.5 database application he's still using. On his new computer I plan to run this application within Windows 7 xp mode. I have a Works CD, but there's no copy of the DBASE III system which is involved in this dbase application (Dbase III is used somehow to customize the output of what is produced within works, but I'm not to familiar with this whole application, just hope in being able to make it run again... :-).

    Now I'm trying to obtain a Dbase III system anywhere, but no luck, nothing in the internet (beside obscure download shops), nothing in eBay.

    How can I get this old Dbase III system?

    Thanks for your help and regards,
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    I just copied it from the old PC and it works. Hm, I think I'm an idiot - it doesn't need to be installed!

    Excusez moi.

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    Je vous en prie.

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    ...I DON'T have the program anymore- so, need to find a copy !!

    Glad you found it on an other system. In going thru some of my backups, I still have some old dbase files, but can't find the program...

    Can anyone help me locate a copy???

    Or could you pass it on if this is ok at this point?

    Thanks in Advance !
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