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    Unanswered: Informix load/unload problem with UTF-8

    Hi all!

    I'm working with 2 databases in Informix 10. They are in different machines, and I'm trying to copy some data from one table to an identical table in the other database. Both databases are in UTF-8.

    I use the unload command in the source database and no problem, I get my file with the data (although the file is not coded in UTF-8).

    But when I use the load command in the target database, the rows with special characters (like ) are causing errors in the insertion and the data after the character is all messed up.

    I suppose it's a locales problem; I've set DB_LOCALE=en_US.utf8 in my client's (AGS Server Studio) configuration for both databases which is the only setting I know I must specify.

    Has someone experienced that before? Do you happen to know which settings I have to change in order to make this work with load/unload commands (maybe I need a different client)? Or it's impossible to copy data using these commands when the databases are in UTF-8?

    Thanks a lot for reading me, best regards!

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    Why don't you use dbaccess to export and import data?

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