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    Unanswered: Access Database from Widget?

    I am new to programing, but I am trying to program a widget. Once you choose your state the widget will give you three numbers. Can i have the widget access the database information in the widget itself? I guess what i am saying is can I create a widget with a small database inside the widget so when the action is performed there is no need to access my database on my server?


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    halo. i'm also new in programming, but what i have learnt so far.. just try to type whatever on your mind. Try and learn from what you have tested. Seniors told me before, for open sources like java,oracle...etc there is nothing impossible to get what you want except those microsoft stuffs like vb, there is limited to do get what you want. If you think that your codings are logic accordingly to the requirement, it should be ok!!

    (p/s: try try try and try)

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