maybe you can help me solve this problem.
I am developing an Access 2007 database containing table where transitions between objects are represented; each element (tuple) may be transitional to other objects (zero to many). I want to be able to link each object with the ones on its right and on its left, so I decided to set up two columns with mulivalued fields, like this:

ID | trans left | trans right
1 | 2 |-
2 | 5, 4 |1
3 | 6 |
4 | 5 |2
5 | 6 |2, 4
6 | - |3, 5

The 3rd is obviously redunant, so I would like to know if, deleting 3rd column (transitions to the right), there is a way I can link any object with the ones on their right, i.e. if I can create queries where I select elements on the basis of which object they have on their right, even if the the only columns store transitions to the left.
I hope you can help me. Just telling me that it is possible to do that would be great