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    Unanswered: if statement with or doesnt work

    I would like to clear the contents of data entry cells these cells would not have "+" or "=sum" in the formula. In my if statement i tired using or, but it is not working:

    If Left(ActiveCell.Formula, 4) <> "=Sum" Or InStr(ActiveCell.Formula, "+") = 0 Then
    End if

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    I think it should be a logical AND, not OR.

    If the cell does not contain "+" and it does not start with "=SUM" then clear the contents.

    Sub foo()
        Dim rngCell As Range
        For Each rngCell In Range("A1:A10").Cells
            'make sure the cell has a formula
            If rngCell.HasFormula Then
                'make sure it does not contain a +
                If VBA.InStr$(1, rngCell.Formula, "+", vbTextCompare) = 0 Then
                    'make sure it does not begin with a SUM function
                    If VBA.Left$(rngCell.Formula, 4) <> "=SUM" Then
                    End If
                End If
            End If
        Next rngCell
    End Sub
    Hope that helps...

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