Hey there dbForum!

I've come across this site a couple of times in my travels but never bothered to register, I felt today was the day I should!

My names Andy, I'm 20 and from Kent, England; currently studying an undergraduates degree in Database Administration and Management at Staffordshire University.

As far as my knowledge goes, I've always been on the geeky side; I've had brief encounters with PHP, Apache and Perl at a beginner level, have created databases with Microsoft Access and MySQL, used SQL / VB.Net to interact with spreadsheets, create customer user interfaces, create reports and create mail merges; and finally used Visual Studio 2008 to create simple stand alone applications using VB.Net (including manipulating CSV / databases) and C# (only just started learning C#).

I've only really ever dabbled in languages / systems so I wouldn't consider myself more than "sort of familiar" with anything; but its a start, right?

I've had a bit of a love(!) for databases for several years, I love the manipulation and movement of data; and the looks on peoples faces when I tell them what I'm studying .

For the most part, I'll probably be a bit of a lurker, just perusing the forums for any information I might find useful / relevant to my degree; and hopefully gain some extra knowledge in the process!

Thanks in advance for being such an abundant resource and community, I'm sure I'll find the site invaluable.