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    Unanswered: Entry in Report to Query then back to Report

    I have an Access database which collects information on what was the decision of each case by each examiner and when it was decided on. For example, John reviewed Case 1111 and Case 2222 and the decisions were “Allowed” on July 2, 2010. John also reviewed Case 3333, and the decision was “Denied” July 3, 2010. However, Jane is also an examiner, and she reviewed Case 4444 with the decision being “Allowed” on August 5, 2010.

    We need to produce a monthly report of all cases reviewed. I know in a query, to pull the month of July, we would use "07/**/****." What I had in mind was to have a report fully prepared with all the formulas, and have a text box above for the user to enter in the month ("07" for example), some how let Access know that the entry of "07" means to enter "07" into the blanks in the query's "_ _/**/****" format. Once that text box is populated with the month, then all the information would be pulled up for July and the formulas to be put to use to do the reporting and analysis. If there is a better way, please let me know. The only reason why I want the information in the report sheet is because we can format how the final product looks like.

    Essentially looking like this in the report page:

    Enter Request Month: 07

    Allowed: 2
    Denied: 1
    More formulas and analysis would follow.

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    Well date bound reports are very common. The user is almost always in a form to begin - if nothing else to select the report that is to be generated. So in this form one can put unbound textbox(s) for date range(s).

    In your example you are asking for a month - but many need a start date and stop date - - the idea is the same either way.

    Your report has a record source of a query - - and this query's criteria can use that form's date info that is in the unbound text box.

    I see you are using wild card ** alot. That would strike me as problematic when you get into multiple years.

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