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    Unanswered: Table and filegroup question / confirmation

    This is not as much as question as it is a request for confirmation.

    The way I understand it, SQL-server 2008 supports moving a specific table beteen filegroups.

    I have table Cars with the database motors_crm, made up from three files located on different SANs.

    One of the tables is a huge history on who rented what car for what period. After a year and 2 million cars, this table becomes insanely huge.

    So I would like to create an extra datafile for the Cars database, create a renting history archive table (for all but current year) and move that arcive table to fairly cheap SAN for arhiciving purposes.

    This should be possible, Right?

    But! Can I prevent SQL-server from assigning other tables to that data file? In other words isolate a specific datafile for one specific table?

    Cheers, Trin
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    SQL Server will put tables where specifed if you explicitly specify which filegroup to use. If you don't specify a filegroup, SQL Server will use the default file group. If you ensure that your new filegrous isn't the default, the only way that new objects will be created there is if you specificy the filegroup when you create the object.

    FYI, you might find Using Partitioned Views helpful.

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