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    Unanswered: Code disappears

    I'm thankful for back-ups! This happened to me twice!

    I have a database on a shared network

    Two times the database has lost it's code

    Seems to be around the times I am doing maintainence, but I'm not sure. I am super careful with saving and backing up, but I still feel like the data and the structure doesn't seem safe

    Does anyone have any suggestions why this might be happening, and/or ideas for a maintenance schedule I should keep so it's always intact?

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    I hope you aren't developing on a live DB.... thats bound to cause problems
    another possible source of corruption is having a single db, far better to split the db into two:-
    a front end containing the UI (forms, reports etc)
    a back end which stores the data

    and ideally each user should have their own copy of the front end, and again ideally run from their local PC. there is stuff int he code bank from PK Stormy amongst others on how to keep a front end up todate
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