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    Unanswered: SSMA Question

    I have just used the SSMA tool from MS for server 2008 and was able to migrate and link the tables. My question is-

    I am using test data-so I put in test data for the migration and link of table. I run a query using SQL and see the data. I then add new test data after the migration but do not see it in the SQL tables.

    On the Access side of things I see all the original table as being linked and all the SSMA tables the migration created.

    I see the new test data in the original tables that are linked but not in the corresponding SSMA tables.

    I am a little confused of how data being entered into Access front end is saving to the linked tables but not the SSMA tables or what I have to do to automate this. Hope this makes sense. Just learning the SQL side of things.

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    What is your question about SSMA?

    Is your front end liked to only the SQL server backend?

    After linking to the tables in the SQL server back end, did you make sure that the linked table's names matched the original Access back end's table names?

    If the SQL Server table names start with dbo_ or some other prefix you will probably need to remove this to get he table names to match the original table names.
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