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    Cool Unanswered: Performance tuning

    Hi All,

    query is taking very long time to fetch the data in Production. The query use to run in few minutes 2 to 3 days back. Nothing has been changed since past few days for the concern tables.

    Please guide me...

    DB Version : 9.5 fix pack 2 ..os : aix

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    is the query dynamic or static if dynamic query take a snapshot of and chk the exec time it could be data has grown and required a new index to build
    chk with explain plan and db2advise

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    Thanks for your reply..

    There is no change in db..No data has grown...Same records from last few production support it is taking 2 mins in prod it is taking more then half an hour..

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    Check the access plan on both systems. If they match then you may be experiencing some sort of issue on the server like I/O bottlenecks. If they do not match, then you need to figure why. Maybe an index was dropped?


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