Hello everyone,

I just started a new job at a specialized travel agency (www.agra****).
Since we have to manage over 1000 prospects and clients, I would like to migrate all entries from Exel sheets to a database.
I am thus looking for an open-source solution to do that.
Basically what I imagine is a simple graphic user interface where you can look up the entries modify them and add comments. Maybe the interface could have Tabs like "Prospects" and "Clients" and I would then be able to move entries if a prospect becomes a client.

We would like to host this on our in-house server and 4-5 clients will be accessing the DB. (All clients are already hooked up to the server through MS Windows Server 2003)

Even though I consider myself a little tech-savy I don't really have an idea where to start...

Any help or suggestion is very welcome!

Thanks in advance