Listed below is a type I descriptor I am using to get a total number of records per account for a 90 day period (co.18;co.18 + 90). @4 gives me the date for each record I need. @5 should be the monitary value for each record. @12 gives me the total number of records for that period. I need to include another field that would give me the total value of @5 for each record.

I can't seem to find my problem or if this is even possible to do. Any help will be appreciated.

0002: FIELD(@ID,'*',1,2);TRANS(AP.FLE,@1,77,'X');IF @2 THEN @1:'*':@2 ELSE ''; TRANS(PO.FLE,@3,66,'X');EXTRACT(@4,65,0,0);CO.18;C O.18+90;SUBR('-GES',@4 ,REUSE(@6));SUBR('-LTS',@4,REUSE(@7)) ;@8+@9;SUBR('-EQS',@10,REUSE(2));SUM(@11)