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    Unanswered: Need to re-arrange doctor's name

    I am working on crystal reports v12.2..0.29. One of the input fields is the doctor's name and it is in this format (FIRSTNAME LASTNAME TITLE) but sometimes it is in this format (FIRSTNAME MI LASTNAME TITLE). My goal is to make it print in the (LASTNAEM TITEL FIRSTANAME MI). I was able to use the left function and get it to print correct if there is no middle initial. But it gets all ugly when there is a middle initial. I tried to use the split function -such as (Title = split({PROVIDER.PROVIDER_NAME}," ",5) - but it is returning a boolean value for the array entries. Please help.


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    Rearrange name

    Use the InstrRev function to look for spaces. Use once for title, use again for last name. Concatenate the two and use the remainder for the firstname/mi portion. Will not matter what is left


    s_title := trim(mid(s_name,instrrev(s_name," "),99));
    s_newname := trim(mid(s_name,1, instrrev(s_name," ")));
    s_lname := trim(mid(s_newname,instrrev(s_newname," "),99));
    s_fnameMI := trim(mid(s_newname,1, instrrev(s_newname," ")));

    s_str := s_lname + " " + s_title + ", " + s_fnameMI;

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