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    Unanswered: Database Schema

    Where i can get the basic database schemas of various open source cms(modx,etc) and shopping cart(zencart,etc).

    Thank you.

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    i would first look on their web site for the downloadable code... go and download it, then have a look through it for the CREATE TABLE statements... that's your schema | @rudydotca
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    Thank you for your response
    yes sir that is it what you said,
    i am a novice but actually i meant some year ago i found zencart database schema in a nice pdf format, so i thought those opensource script's database has some resoureces where it may available as pdf. but now i can't remember how i found it?

    anyways i understand .

    thank you.

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    You could always install the product and use something like MySQL Workbench to produce the data model for you (MySQL Workbench 5.2.27)
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