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    Unanswered: Upgrading DB2 in MSCS environment

    Hi all. A few years ago we set up DB2 9.1 to run on Microsoft Cluster Server. We had found a white paper that explained how to do it. We were successful at doing this. Well, we would now like to upgrade to version 9.7. I haven't found much on how this should be done. I did find this article...

    Migrating DB2 servers in Microsoft Cluster Server environments

    However, this article talks about going from 8 to 9. Step 4 talks about taking the resource offline and step 5 talks about doing the migration so that the new DB2 Server resource can be created. My resource is already called DB2 Server, so I am thinking I may not need to follow these exact steps.

    So, does anyone have any information on migrating 9.1 to 9.7 on MSCS? If not, here is what I was thinking and I would love some feedback...

    1. Perform all the pre-migration tasks (including backing up the database)
    2. On the inactive node, perform the install and install a NEW product (can I do this without there being a database anywhere?).
    3. On the active node, perform the install, but this time do it as an upgrade.
    4l. Perform and post-migration tasks.

    Will this work?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    I think the way to do it is this:
    1. Pre-migration
    2. Install DB2 9.7 on the inactive node
    3. Fail over; at this step you will need to migrate the database. There will be some downtime because the database must be offline for migration.
    4. Install DB2 9.7 on the now inactive node (the one that was active until step 3).
    5. Fail back (optional?)

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