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    Unanswered: Can't get rid of ms access error 2450

    Need help getting rid of this stubborn error. I keep getting a ms access error number 2450 'can't find form 'form name' referred to in a macro expression or VB code'. I get the error when I close an Access program using the MS Access window's close button. When I close the ms access form first (which is not same form referred to in the error) then close the MS Access window then I don't get the error. Hope this question makes sense. Thanks.

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    You've got an errant VBA script that is trying to close a form that isn't there.

    If you're brave enough to tinker with it, just make a copy of the .mdb file and work on that. I think (it's been a few years) it's just Alt-F11 to bring up the VBA editor. Then look for the command that's trying to close the form and put an apostrophe in front of it. (Even if you're unfamiliar with Basic, it's pretty easy to read.) The apostrophe will cause VBA to think it's a comment and it won't run it.

    Still in the VBA editor, click the save button in the toolbar, close out the editor and then see if you can reproduce the behavior. If you got the wrong command, just remove the apostrophe and try someplace else.

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    What version of Access are you running?
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