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    Unanswered: Trouble with linked tables on form

    I am trying to link 2 tables together for use on a form. The first / parent table has a single keyed field, and the second / child has a composite key of 2 fields, where the first field of the child table matches the first field in the parent table.

    As I try to add the field to the form, I go to the data model and link the 2 tables, which works OK. But, when I go to add the field to the form, the child table is grayed out and I cannot add any of the fields.

    I have done this similar task in the past without problems.

    The particular report I am making uses tabs, and I already have several other tables in the data model.

    Is there a limit to the numbe of tables I can have in the data model, or is there some other problem?

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    you should post technical questions about Paradox on the Paradox community web site Home - Paradox Community

    there is no significant Paradox support here..
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