Hi guys,

I have a quick query for the willing!

Basically I'm looking to try and setup a database for the purpose of log keeping for several products or items. At the moment this is being done in several spreadsheets with limited change control and lots of people working independently and so not much control in it and I'm trying to bring some control back.

The number of items/rows would be about 800-1000 potentially with 10-20 columns. I would also be looking for a multi level access eg. Read only user, data entry user, admin able to add/remove columns etc.

The possibility to expand eg. Multiple sets of db might be useful but not essential.

I believe I have access to oracle db but I don't know if this may a bit of a bazooka to swat my fly! I was thinking of potentially a web form type system to work similar to a spreadsheet but with security capacity and multi user access.

Thanks in advance for all comments/advice!