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    Unanswered: seperating 2 items from a lookup to create running total in query

    I have a field called Extras in an order form - I have used a lookupwizard with two columns to store the data - for example - Item, Cost fields- teddy, 3.34;balloon,4.50. When I create a query to work out invoice - I want to be able to seperate them and display them or as many that have been selected. I have tried using Expression Builder but no joy - using Access 2010 - thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure what a lookupwizard is - i'm thinking along the lines of a listbox? If you're needing a routine to display all of those, you could approach it like this:
    Dim varItem as Variant
    For Each varItem In lstWhatever.ItemsSelected
       'Do something here with lstWhtever.Column(0) and lstWhtever.Column(1)

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