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    Red face help in a query

    Good day all....
    I av a problem in writing a query

    I av two tables



    Whenever there is a debit/credit transaction from is recorded in bankTransaction table and BankBalance is updated in banks table...

    I want to have ALL BANKS CREDITs on a specific date

    My query is
    (SELECT bTr.BankCode,SUM(CONVERT(money,bTr.Amount)) FROM benkTransaction bTr WHERE
    bTr.DebitCreditCheck='CREDIT' AND bTr.[Date]<='7/16/2010' GROUP BY bTr.BankCode);

    The problem is that If there is no transaction happened on or before this date ..there is no result.... I want it to be 0.00 if no transaction ever happened ...and the balance if some transaction happened before this period

    I anticipate your quick response

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    Here is your code*

    SELECT	Banks.BankCode,
    FROM	Banks
    	left outer join BankTransaction
    		on Banks.BankCode = BankTransaction.BankCode
    		and BankTransaction.DebitCreditCheck='CREDIT'
    		and BankTransaction.[Date]<='7/16/2010'
    GROUP BY Banks.BankCode

    *Typos corrected and superfluous obfuscating table aliases removed.
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