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    Which PC? (Don't shoot ... first post!!) :-)

    I can't see where to post this request for help, maybe that's because it's not directly related to any theme you usually cover but to run a database you have to have a computer, yes!

    OK, I am looking to upgrade my PC as my current "homemade" database is getting slow. It is not overly large in file size (2.5gb) but some of the tables are over 1,000,000 records and growing. Am I right in thinking the important hardware configuration issues for database work are processor, motherboard chipset and speed, RAM and disk speed in that order?

    My database is currently an MS SQL database stored on my hard drive and run by a proprietary software 'package'. The data is maintained by Internet downloads. I link this database to my own MS Access database which contains additional information to supplement the proprietary data. My database also contains records of 1,000,000 or more records.

    If Members were looking to upgrade their PC's now what spec. would they look for?

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    memory is often more of a limiting factor on modern PC's

    I'd be more concerned with how you have added "extra stuff" via Access, that coudl be you db bottle neck. I'm assuming you added the extra columns/tables to the SQL server....

    whne you designed you MS Access 'bits' did you use unbound controls or are you using all the standard stuff that MS Access uses. this could be a perfomance killer if you are using bound combo and list boxes
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    Also, the database design itself can limit usability/throughput.

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