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    Unanswered: db2audit.log file generation

    Hi friendz,
    I am working on db2 express V9.7 on windows. I have enabled audit for 'checking' but there is no log file generated anywhere?

    1. db2audit configure scope checking status failure
    AUD0000I Operation succeeded.

    2. db2audit describe
    Audit active: "FALSE "
    Log audit events: "NONE"
    Log checking events: "FAILURE"
    Log object maintenance events: "NONE"
    Log security maintenance events: "NONE"
    Log system administrator events: "NONE"
    Log validate events: "NONE"
    Log context events: "NONE"
    Return SQLCA on audit error: "FALSE "
    Audit Data Path: ""
    Audit Archive Path: ""

    AUD0000I Operation succeeded.

    3. db2audit start
    AUD0000I Operation succeeded.

    4. connected to database

    5. dropped an object
    DB21034E The command was processed as an SQL statement because it was not a valid Command Line Processor command. During SQL processing it returned:
    SQL0551N "XYZ" does not have the required authorization or privilege to
    perform operation "DROP TABLE" on object "SYSTOOLS.POLICY". SQLSTATE=42501

    5. db2audit flush
    AUD0000I Operation succeeded.

    Now I am trying to search for file 'db2audit.log' but it is not there. how do i convert it into readable text now?

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    can anyone please help me resolve the problem?

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