Hi, everyone,

I'm using ODBC2.0 to connect one of Oracle's DB products(TimesTen actually). I'm doing insert in this way,
1. SQLprepare(...); // prepare SQL statement
2. SQLBindParameter(...); // Bind 1st parameter
3. SQLBindParameter(...) // Bind n-th parameter
4. SQLExecute(...) // Execute
5. SQLTransact(...) // Commit

After SQLBindParameter is called, for each parameter,
the length of its value(if it is of char or binary type) is
stored in a variable(named pcbValue in most ODBC doc)
of SQLLEN type. In my problem a bug makes pcbValue
a random value. I observed SQLExecute succeeded but
SQLTransact failed. I guess it is related to the random
value bug. I tried several times the insert transaction
always failed in SQLExecute not in SQLTransacton, my
question is: For the same SQL, what pcbValue will make
that happen(SQLExecute OK but SQLTransact not OK)?

thanks in advance:-)