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    Unanswered: Extracting Data from DB2 to Hyperion Essbase


    I have a requirement in which I need to extract data from Db2 to load into a Hyperion Essbase cube. I believe this might also involve writing SQL queries. Can somebody tell where to start looking into this? Is there a reading resource out there? (I didn't find much on the Hyperion Essbase side). Are there any sample SQL scripts I can see? Something..thanks.

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    Assuming that you are not trying to get Essbase to talk directly to DB2 (in which case you need to discuss this with Essbase), you would need to explain what format that you want the data from DB2. Generally, you can use the export command. Here is how to export with comma delimited format:

    export to EMPLOYEE.DEL of DEL select * from EMPLOYEE

    See the DB2 Command Reference Manual for more information and options on the DB2 export command.
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