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    Unanswered: Log_dir & log_archive issue

    Hi All,

    I am facing a critical issue in DB2.The online log files creating in log_dir folder and transfering to log_archive folder.In my case the log_dir files are transferring to log_archive folder but the log_dir files are still reming in same place.

    Finally the same online log files exist in both log_dir & log_archive folder.what is the isssue..

    Quick response will be appriciated...


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    Don't worry about that. DB2 sometimes has this behavior.
    My guess: The Logfile was filled and copied to archive log-directory, but not all Transactions in the Logfile are commited. If everything is comitted the logfile will be recycled.
    Also sometimes DB2 can't recycled logfiles, because there's a lock on the Files from a Virusscanner or a Backuputility. If the Logfile is a lot older than the other logfiles in the directory and it was copied to the Archive-Directory you could delete it without problems.


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