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    Red face Unanswered: Check Data concurrent

    hi all

    I have a form contains a button and a grid based on table x ( no, value)
    when I press the button I read data from the current record and make process depend on this data.

    the problem is :
    If I open the form and query for certain row (no=1 and value=150), then I open another session and query the same row (no=1 and value=150) and change the value to 800 and save, in the first session the value 150 still appear, if I press the button the process will read the value 150.

    How I can know if the is changed or not ?

    for this example its easy to use GE_ITEM_PROPERTY(...., DATABASE_VALUE)
    but if I have alot of field in the form its hard to check all of them.

    thanx in advance

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    One option is to lock the table, such as
    lock table x in exclusive mode nowait;
    Nobody will be able to modify it, until you commit (or rollback) changes you made.

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    In the data block property, set the "locking mode property" to immediate.
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