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    Unanswered: copyfiles from remote systems using xp_cmdshell

    hi please tell me how to copy files using xp_cmdshell from one machine to another machines

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    Have you checked out the SQL Server Books Online for more info on this?
    First of all, using xp_cmdshell can open up some potential security problems so you need to be very careful regarding how you go about it.
    Also, enabling xp_cmdshell varies depending on what version of SQL you are using.

    That being said, once you have it enabled and have your proxy accounts setup you xp_cmdshell works basically like using the command prompt. For example from the help:

    USE master;
    EXEC xp_cmdshell 'copy c:\SQLbcks\AdvWorks.bck \\server2\backups\SQLbcks, NO_OUTPUT';

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    xp_cmdshell is depricated, using it is a serious security problem waiting to happen.

    I'd very strongly suggest using SSIS for this kind of task.

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