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    Relationship tables


    zanima me predlog kako bi vi povezali tabele.
    Povezal sem tabelo tbl_Payment in tbl_detailsPayment.

    V prvi imam podatke o tipu kreditne kartice, v drugi pa podatke o določeni kreditni kartici.

    Stranka vplača s plačilno kartico preko tvoje spletne strani. Če je bilo vplačilo uspešno s kreditno kartico,
    mu v tabelo tbl_transactions shrani koliko je vplačal.

    Zdaj pa vprašanje.

    Kdaj naj se zapiše v tabelo tbl_transactions koliko je vplačal?
    Oziroma kako bi vi osebno to povezali?

    Ali ko ga preusmeri na spletno stran, da je bilo vplačilo uspešno?

    Hvala za odgovor.


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    To warn you now - to my knowledge none of the people that regularly post here speak Slovenian. If you can write English, I would write your questions in English. Otherwise try using Google Translate.

    However, I tried Google translate and I don't quite understand your question.

    If you really need it, I think I can point you towards a Slovenian MVP who could probably help you.
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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    I wonder how the proposal would you associate the table.
    I linked the table "tbl_Payment" and "tbl_detailsPayment.

    In the first I have the type of credit card, the other dealing with a particular credit card.

    Customer deposits by debit card through your website. When payment has been successful with credit card
    it saves the table tbl_transactions how she has subscribed.

    Now the question.

    What should be recorded in the table tbl_transactions how she has subscribed?
    Or how would you personally Tues link?

    Or, when it switched to a web page that has been successful payment?

    Thanks for the reply.

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