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    I am stuck in an environment where I have some users on Access 2003 and some on Access 2007. So, obviously development is done in 2003. Access 2007 has a new property called FilterOnLoad that is set to 'No' and I can't set this property in Access 2003.

    I have a form that I open with a wherestr:
    docmd.openform Form1, , , "InvestmentAccountID=" & Me.Combo0

    The form is tied to a table and the wherestring finds the row I want in 2003, but not in 2007.

    Any ideas?

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    You can obtain the same result with this code that works with both versions:
        Dim frm As Form
        DoCmd.OpenForm "Form1", , , , , acHidden
        Set frm = Forms("Form1")
        frm.Filter = "InvestmentAccountID=" & Me.Combo0
        frm.FilterOn = True
        frm.Visible = True
        Set frm = Nothing
    Have a nice day!

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