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    Unanswered: Normalization Data

    I am a newbie at normalization so bare with me please. I have a database that someone built that has only one table and all the fields are of course in this one table. It is an integrity nightmare. Anyway, I am going to get it to a 3NF form. I get the jist of getting it too this point, but I have a couple of questions about how to do one part of it. The db I am working with is ORACLE, but I am using ACCESS to manipulate it. My first issue is as follows:

    Primary Key Example: DESMIAIT01T (piece of equipment)
    A1ST_CONTACT (say Ed Smith)
    A2ND_CONTACT (say Chucky Cheese)
    ETC........ (This will go up to a potential 8 people who could be called if trouble with this piece of equipment exists. The contacts are placed in the order that they would need to be called. Now, if the equipment has a different code such as DESMIAIT02T, it may have the same people getting called out, but they would be in a different order such as A1ST_CONTACT would be Chucky Cheese and A2ND_CONTACT would be Ed Smith). Another site may have Ed Smith listed as the 4th or 5th CONTACT.

    Question: What is the best way to get this down to 3NF of just the CONTACT as the key of its table and the other fields that are dependent on CONTACT? I just can't get by how I am going to split this up so integrity is maintain. I want a table where the CONTACT is only in the table once, but how do I create the relationship to multiple fields on the other side.

    Second Question, which may seem like a duh issue: Once the database structure is constructed and the relationship design created, does the already existing data have to be split up and placed in the lowest, simplest tables manually? Will Access do the data move for me or do I do a create table off of a select query. I trying to envision how this can be split up and maintain the relationship. I maybe making this part harder than it really is.

    I really appreciate any help!!


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    First organize the data in First Normal Form.
    Next start with previous results to transform into Second Normal Form.
    Lastly start with 2nd Normal Form & transform into Third Normal Form.

    >Will Access do the data move for me
    No ACCESS is too dumb & must be told what to do with the data.

    Post the DDL (CREATE TABLE) for the existing table.
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