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    Unanswered: MySQL Login Trouble!!!

    Hello my name is mike, i am currently working on building a clan website for my clan Eternal Guardians. I am using as a webhost and Nuke PHP as a setup. My site is up and my current problem is that everytime i run the Nuke PHP installer it says my MySQL information is incorrect, i am currently typing slyxfox_fox(user) and slyxfox_claneg2(database) and localhost as a host server. I keep on trying to log in using different combinations such as _fox as a user and _claneg2 as a database or just fox and claneg2, nothing seems to be working and so my question was what are the exact keywords i should be typing to log on to my MySQL server. Again my user was xlyxfox_fox and database is: slyxfox_claneg2. Thank you. All help appreciated.


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    talk to your ISP
    they should give you the corerect settings for the server.
    localhost is a pseudonym for the same machine the web server is on, or client program is on
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    Hi Mike,

    from where are you attempting to connect to the database? I have created a basic tutorial on how to connect to a database and client server basics.

    Client Server – The basics IT Integrated Business Solutions

    To uniquely identify the location of your database you need to provide both an IP address (or host name) and a port number (as well as the login information).

    So if you are attempting to access from the same host on which your MySQL server exists then localhost can be used. This is typically a pseudonym for the IP address

    However, if your database exists on another host then you will need to provide either the hostname or the IP address of that host.

    If the problem is not connectivity but password related then you will need to talk with your ISP about resetting the password.
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