I wanna comments on my site, and I want to eventually respond to the visitor antiboot question, ie. that brought together two numbers. I've created two variables, rand1$ and $rand2 (these are random numbers you get using the f-is), and $ rand3 is the sum of these two numbers. Now, I did that to me all the checks in the form (if the name entered, if the correct e-mail, is it left to comment), but can not make that we make sure that the number of visitor who enters identical $ rand3 number.

In this way, for example. checking whether the visitor entered the name:

if ((name.value==null)||(name.value=="")){
alert("Niste uneli ime!")
return false

In this way, and I tried to check the number entered by the user:

if ((rand.value==null)||(rand.value!=="$rand3")){
alert("Niste odgovorili tacno na pitanje!")
return false

Otherwise, the rand, the name of the field where the user should enter the number. Does anyone know how this can I check with javascript?