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    Unanswered: db2 product needed for download

    I would like to practice db2 on linux.
    I created a virtual machine and ubuntu s/w.
    Can anybody suggest me the db2 product which can be installed on my VM?

    below products are found in the IBM site.

    1. VMware® virtual machine with DB2 Enterprise 9.7 trial (32 bit) on Novell® SUSE® Linux® Enterprise Server 10 SP2

    2. DB2 9.7 data server trial for Linux® on 32 bit AMD and Intel® systems (x86) - ESE for demo/test purposes only
    v9.7_linuxia32_server.tar.gz (674.8MB)

    these 2 products are found in the below site

    Please suggest me the correct product to download and install.

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    I believe that both of those are regular versions of the ESE (Enterprise Server Edition) that will have its Try and Buy license expire in 90 days after installation (definitely the second one is). The first one already includes VM software, so if you want to use your own VM you should download the second one (or better yet just go to the fixpack download site and get the latest fixpack software which is cummulative and can be the installed initially without the fixpack 0 code). However, it may not be as easy as you think setting up DB2 on a virtual machine from scratch.

    You can also download DB2 Express-C which is free for any use whatsoever, and does not expire. DB2 Express-C will only use a max of 2 CPU cores and 2 GB of memory (can be installed on any machine). It also lacks certain features of ESE including HADR, Replication, MQT, MDC, Table Partititioning, and some other features. You should be able to google the download site.
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