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    Question Unanswered: delphi and access

    hi guys... i am currently busy writing a program for school which was given to me as an assessment. the program requires users to log in. users details are stored in a table in microsoft access. i would like the program to check/test whether the users details exist in the database or not and thereafter log the user in or ask the user to register. i am not really sure how to go about coding this. please advise???

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    if you are doing this for school
    and you are unsure of what to do
    then as I see it you have several options

    talk amongst your fellow pupils
    talk to your teacher

    make an effort to find a solution then come back here and seek help on resolving specific errors rather than general concepts.

    by seeking help at this stage you are robbing yourself of valuable learning.

    others here may differ, but to me you need to make an effort first and help will be willingly given.
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    Have a read on the ASP.NET default membership provider. The implementation details are obviously specific to .NET, but the core design and architecture queues are straight forward. It's very well documented, complete with videos and such if you're so inclined.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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