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    Unanswered: direct and indirect privileges

    Hi friendz,
    I am just trying to understand direct and indirect privileges in db2. I have added a user in db2's administrators group and get the below output which is incorrect. Why does it show 'NO' to 'indirect DBADM Authority' when it actually get that becuase it has been granted SYSADM?
    >db2 get authorizations

    Administrative Authorizations for Current User

    Direct SYSADM authority = NO
    Direct SYSCTRL authority = NO
    Direct SYSMAINT authority = NO
    Direct DBADM authority = NO
    Direct CREATETAB authority = YES
    Direct BINDADD authority = NO
    Direct CONNECT authority = NO
    Direct CREATE_NOT_FENC authority = NO
    Direct IMPLICIT_SCHEMA authority = NO
    Direct LOAD authority = NO
    Direct QUIESCE_CONNECT authority = NO
    Direct CREATE_EXTERNAL_ROUTINE authority = NO
    Direct SYSMON authority = NO

    Indirect SYSADM authority = YES
    Indirect SYSCTRL authority = NO
    Indirect SYSMAINT authority = NO
    Indirect DBADM authority = NO
    Indirect CREATETAB authority = NO
    Indirect BINDADD authority = NO
    Indirect CONNECT authority = NO
    Indirect CREATE_NOT_FENC authority = NO
    Indirect IMPLICIT_SCHEMA authority = NO
    Indirect LOAD authority = NO
    Indirect QUIESCE_CONNECT authority = NO
    Indirect CREATE_EXTERNAL_ROUTINE authority = NO
    Indirect SYSMON authority = NO

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    Quote Originally Posted by db2cap View Post
    it actually get that becuase it has been granted SYSADM
    This is no longer true beginning with DB2 9.7, where the authorization model has changed. You will get DBADM authority over the database that you can create as SYSADM, but you can only be explicitly granted DBADM authority over an existing database.

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    understood but then why 'YES' for createtab? I am at V9.7 only.

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