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    Question Unanswered: RowSource Subform

    I created an activeX of a calendar on my main form (Form1). I want the calendar to display the date that is in a subform. I cannot get the calendar to reflect the field in the subform. This is what I have in the calendar RowSource:


    (Form1 is the main form, frm_Xas_dupK_lst is the subform and InvDt_Min is the field that has the date)

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    ControlSource property of the Calendar control:
    where form4 is the parent form (which holds the Calendar control), child0 is the name of the subform control (not the name of the subform itself: they can be different), text0 is the name of the textbox on the subform that acts as the Control Source for the Calendar control.

    This was tested with Access 2003 (11.8321.8324) SP3 and the Microsoft Calendar Control of Microsoft Office Version 11.0 (Class: MSCAL.Calendar.7).
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    I found it...


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