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    Unanswered: db2 online db backup & restore

    I am new in db2, i want to take an online backup of db2 database using control center. I have already taken an online backup but i am not sure about copying log files. should i copy them into a new folder after clicking FINISH button of backup operations?

    While restoring db, when i need to paste these log files?

    Should i do this;

    - After finishing restore operations from control center
    - Paste log files on the path mentioned (get db cfg for xxxx)
    - Run rollforward end of logs interface...

    plz guide me, if i m wrong...

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    When doing the backup, use the "INCLUDE LOGS" clause in the command. This will add the necessary logs to the backup image so that all you need to create a working database is the image. Then when you restore, you can extract the logs from the image to the path you want using LOGTARGET and NEWLOGPATH.


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    thanks andy... I will try it and let you know if there will be any problem

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