DB2 9.5 - windows 2003.

I have an DB2 odbc source currently connecting to a remote server accessing a database called 'PERS1'.

A new database has been setup on the DB2 host server - but when we try and connect using a new ODBC connection to the new database 'PERS2' we get the sqlstate=08001, 10060,'**'
'connect' error.

There is a firewall between the 'ODBC' connection on remote server and the host server.
The ODBC connection is on a windows 2003 server.

My question is - Does the new database need any configuration parameters setting other than DISCOVER_DB parameter on the database 'ENABLED'.
This new database has been setup identical to the 'PERS1' database with the same config parameters.

On the remote server would a change to the firewall be required to allow access to the new database.