Hello ,
I don't know if this post is for here, if it is not , I am sorry for the mistake!
I am working on .NET project and I use Entity Framework and SQLServer. I need some suggestions of that how I can migrate the data from the current version of the database to the new one. That means that the database schema may be different ( new columns , deleted columns , renamed tables/columns, ).
In order my question to be clearer formed I will give you a simple scenario :
we have a databases oldDb and modified database newDb. In oldDb we have table Customer with Name and Age properties (String , int) but in the new version of our database (newDb) we changed the property 'Name' in the Customer tabel to a complex type, wich is consists of two Strings (FirstName , LastName).

So can you give me some possible strategies or solutions for that??
Thank you in advance!

Best regards , Ivan