I am hoping to create a datasheet that uses data from a field as its y-axis. At the moment my datasheet looks like this:

First Name | Last Name
John | Smith
Wendy | McDonald

But I am hoping to change it into this:

First Name | Last Name | Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3 | etc.
John | Smith | Yes | No | Yes
Wendy | McDonald | Yes | Yes | Yes

This information would be taken from a query with a structure like this:

URN - unique ID
Current - yes/no

Now the datasheet will be controlled by the CourseID so that it will only show records with that CourseID. Each CourseID will have a number of SessionID's, and each one will have a different date. It's these SessionID's which would make up the column headings after First Name and Last Name. The Current field is the field shown in the example above which will either be Yes or No.

I have seen that I can do something similar to this using PivotTable but it's not possible to edit the Current field if I was to do that. Does anyone know how else I could design this datasheet? Any help whatsoever would be ENORMOUSLY appreciated.