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    Unanswered: Altering a Primary key

    There is a Table : Person. name(VARCHAR2(50 BYTE)) and email(VARCHAR2(50 BYTE)) are the primary keys in this table.
    This Primary Key is used as a Foreign Key in another table Address as name(VARCHAR2(50 BYTE)) and email(VARCHAR2(50 BYTE)), and delete on CASCADE in enabled

    Now i want to alter the length of Name column in the Person table to 256 BYTE.

    If i dont atler the length of name in the Address table - will CASCADE still work?

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    >If i dont atler the length of name in the Address table - will CASCADE still work?
    It depends upon your definition of "work".
    What happens when you actually do it?
    Would not it be faster to test results yourself rather than ask here?
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    Why don't you want to alter the length in the address file. The first time you have a name longer then 50 characters, your address file will fail.
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    Altering a Primary key

    This is because ...if i alter in the other table lot of changes have to be done to the i was looking for a minimal changes.

    I tried myself, cascade works fine since it does not matter if the length is different


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    But beilstwh is right:

    What happens if you insert a row into the table PERSON that has a PK longer than 50 byte?

    You will not be able to insert an address for that person!

    Is that really what you want?

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