I need to create a Parent directory for our school.
I group the report by last name, then by family ID. Some data example below:

Family -grade school | Guardians | Address | Phone

Callum Grade 8 | Jenniifer and Brian Abrham | 21 Lake str..... | 756-111-1111

Nathen grade 6 | Shari and Paul Abzug | 111 knob hill | 620-126-4555
Julie grade 7

It looks fine, but then we found a little defect.

For famly that has the same last name, we want it also sort by first name for example:

Charles Gr.11 | Richard and Maureen Johnson | 210 brown lane... | 000-000-0000

Madeline Gr.11 | David and Carol Johnson | ................. | ...............

Duncan Gr.09 | .Mark and Patti Johnson | .....|............

We would like above 3 records , group/sorted by lastname, which is fine, then group by family ID, but sort by first name.But you can say the first name is not sorted right.

HOw can I group by familyID, but sort by first name. I tried to use family ID sort by original order, then add a sort record by first name, but that not works for me.It only sort the sub data set by first name instead of sorting the group by first name.

Any help would be appreciated.