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    Unanswered: Large Numbers in Number field


    I am trying to import some very large numbers into my access database. The field I am trying to import it into is marked as a long integer. Unfortunatley it does not accept my numbers which are in the billions. What can I do?????? converting into text does not help since I need to do calculations with it.

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    Change the Data type of the field from Long Integer to DOUBLE.

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    Poppa Smurf is not wrong, however I am going to suggest DECIMAL. Set the precision to the total number of digits required by your number (e.g. for a million it would be 7) and set the scale to 0.

    The reason is that DOUBLE is an imprecise, scientific data type. It will not make any difference for you if your numbers are whole numbers only however I am on a bit of a mission to encourage use of DOUBLE only when it is necessary (which is surprisingly rarely).
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    You gotta love a man on a mission!
    Hope this helps!

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