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    Unanswered: which database should I use?

    I would to have a database that stores all the names of counties in only a single state (so think of the names and addresses of all the people in only the state of Florida, for example), their names, addresses, and then another field indicating whether their information changed or not, a value such as 0 or 1. Multiple people will be required to access the database at the same time and make changes to it. The database needs to be queried based on the fields like any sql database. This database needs to be installed on multiple computers (so price is a factor). We currently have Microsoft Office Standard 2007, which does not come with Access. Im looking for something with a small learning curve, as most people doing data entry will know nothing about a sql server. Also it would need to be compatible with Microsoft Excel, as a lot of calculations to manipulate strings (e.g. combining addresses in a single field) are Done in excel, and then a column may be added in Excel that needs to translate into a new field when entered into the database and when entered in database, it needs to match the values of the new column with the existing names in the database. Also, it would be nice if the database can measure somehow the effectiveness of a campaign What would be the best database software for all these needs (e.g. Access or web-based one)?

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    You can use sql server express.
    or mysql,postgresl, firebird than you can connected to database from excel via odbc.

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