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    Unanswered: two child tables should they be one or no

    I have two child tables that are connected to one table which is called the people_tbl. The two child tables are named AdultStateAcitivy_tbl and TanfActivity_tbl now its for the two grants that this nonprofit organization has. they report on the activities of each participant. The two tables dont record the same actiivies, and a TANF participant can do state and tanf activity but a state participant can only do state activities so I kept their activities seperated. I hope this all makes sense? I am wondering if I should combine these two child tables or keep them apart?? Seems to me its allot easier to report on them when they are seperated.

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    Because the two tables represent different entities (real world things) with different properties, I'd keep them separate. It is possible to combine the two tables because one is a proper subset of the other, but this makes for convoluted code that doesn't really help you in any way.

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