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    Unanswered: How to do this query

    Hi ALL

    THere is a data table from a flower shop which looks like
    CustomerID        Flower
    John                peony
    John                lily
    John                Lotus
    Mary               peony
    Mary               lily
    Mary               chrysanthemum
    Lisa                chrysanthemum
    Lisa                peony
    Lisa                kapok
    I would like to find those customers' ID who buy the same n flowers. For example, in the above table, for peony and lily , the customers who buy both of them (n=2, for this case) are John and Mary.

    I cannot figure out a SQL statement to do the above query. Please help.

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    if the column CustomerID and Flower is unique you could always use

    SELECT CustomerID 
       FROM table 
      WHERE Flower IN ('peony','lily')
    GROUP BY CustomerID
    HAVING Count(*) = 2
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