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    Unanswered: Pleae help me to write a script from the encrypted file which consists login details

    Hi Frorum Members,
    I have an encrypted file which consists the usernames and Pwd in the encrpyted form.the file is _config.db_ids which will open with customize command mkidcfg.when we open this file with this command it will display four options 1:search2:add:update:exit and i will add a record ie unames and pwd.But this will store in encrypted form and redirect into a log file so I have to write a script to open the file and extract the passwords.

    please find beloew snippet which is bit helpful.
    Mkidcfg - Make ID Configuration File Program.
    Version 1.1, 04/07/95

    1 - Search for an ID
    2 - Add an ID
    3 - Update an ID
    0 - Exit
    Option: 2
    Tag: testid
    ID: testid
    Password: pass123

    1 - Search for an ID
    2 - Add an ID
    3 - Update an ID
    0 - Exit
    Option: 0

    Now to extract the password, write a script to do this:
    I am looking forward from you.

    Advance Thanks
    Siva Ranganath CH

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    What is the format of the file? Are the fields fixed length, or is there a separator character?
    Do you expect to work with an existing database?
    If 'mkidcfg' is a script file, you should already have the source code.

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