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    Unanswered: Import non-english data from Excel sheet into MS SQL 2005

    Currently I have an excel sheet which contains data in english, french and hindi.

    I want to import the data into a new table in MS SQL database. I used the 'Import Data' utility to import the data but it seems that it messed up the french and hindi data in the target database. The columns in the target SQL table are of data type nvarchar.

    I tried verifying by executing the following query on the target table after importing the data:

    select nchar(value) from books

    It gave me the following error:
    Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'स्थिति' to data type int.

    It does display the correct language text(in hindi) in the error but I am worried about the error. I am not sure if my method of verification is incorrect. If so, is there any other alternate way to verify if my data has indeed stored correctly. In case my data is stored incorrectly then is there any other mechanism for importing data from excel sheet into ms sql database?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ketansoneji View Post
    I am not sure if my method of verification is incorrect.
    I am sure it is incorrect.
    NCHAR (Transact-SQL)

    Can you not just eyeball the data? Check the number of rows is correct? If the only thing that is giving you cause for concern is the query you posted then there is no evidence as yet that anything went wrong.
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    4 method of verification was incorrect...the data was correctly imported.

    I created a jsp (with page encoding set to UTF-8) and printed the data. It was perfect.

    Thanks for pointing out.

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